Jackson County Solar Farm

FM 710,, Ganado, Texas, 77962



MLS: 42238-23012

472.5 Acres

What You Should Know

  • Solar Farm

  • Renewable Energy

  • Jackson County, Texas

  • Immediate Revenue Stream

  • Investment

  • Income Producing

  • Logistical Location

  • Green Energy

Why You'll Love It

Title: Established 472.52 acre Solar Farm for Sale in Jackson County, Texas | Long-Term Lease through 2051

Description: Explore a thriving renewable energy investment in Jackson County, Texas—a 472.52acre solar farm that is already operational, generating clean and sustainable energy. With an established setup of solar panels, this turnkey property offers an immediate revenue stream. Take advantage of the decades-long lease agreement in place through 2051, featuring lease rates subject to annual cost of living increases. Don't miss this golden opportunity for long-term returns in the green energy sector.

Property Details:

  • Location: Jackson County, Texas
  • Land Area: 472.52acres
  • Lease Term: through 2051
  • Lease Rate (per acre):
    • Year 2024: $597.24
    • Year 2051: $1,019.42
    • Lease rate subject to cost of living increase

Key Features:

  1. Established Solar Farm: Operational solar panels in place, generating renewable energy.
  2. Immediate Revenue Stream: Benefit from the current production of clean energy, ensuring instant returns.
  3. Long-Term Lease: Secure investment with a lease agreement in place through 2051.
  4. Increasing Revenue Potential: Annual lease rate escalation tied to the cost of living, ensuring growing returns over time.

Location Highlights:

  • Jackson County, Texas: A vibrant community supporting renewable energy initiatives.
  • Convenient Access: Well-connected to major transportation routes and nearby cities, offering logistical advantages.

Investment Information: Seize this exceptional investment opportunity in the renewable energy sector. With an established solar farm already generating clean energy, a long-term lease through 2051, and lease rates subject to escalation, this 472-acre property promises substantial and sustainable income growth. Contact us today for further details, investment inquiries, or to schedule a site visit. Join the green energy revolution now!


Where You'll Find It

  • Street Address: FM 710,
  • City: Ganado
  • State: Texas
  • County: Jackson


Westley Wright

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